Ultimate 1 Day Backpack Tour in MALACCA City

Dirt Cheap Backpacking in Malacca the Historical State of Malaysia

Malacca is one of the most popular tourist destinations within Malaysia. Every evening the famous Jonker Street night market is buzzing with tourists from all over the world. In 2008 UNESCO listed Malacca as World Heritage Site. Besides the many beautiful historical sites Malacca is also well known for its great food. Everywhere that you look you will find places to eat; experts claim the best local dishes in Malaysia originate from Malacca.

During my 1 year stay in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, this was my very first solo tour. Being a totally new person in a new country I didn’t know that much of places to visit in Malaysia. So I looked for suggestions and Afra Ab Reshmi told me to visit this city. A historical southeast coast city in Malay Peninsula which is renowned worldwide for its rich heritage buildings, ancient landmarks and colonial structures.

I planned this whole tour in overnight. As I was short on money, so traveling cheap was the main goal. I started looking for bus tickets on Redbus Malaysia. After a while got round tickets of Kuala Lumpur — Malacca — Kuala Lumpur only for 24 MYR as I used a first time user discounted coupon offered by Redbus.

June 27, 2017 and the whole day.

I started my solo journey towards Melaka Sentral (Malacca Central) from TBS Kuala Lumpur at 9.30 am. My bus name was Mayang Sari Express. After 2 hours and 20 minutes reached Melaka Sentral.

My main destination was Jonker Street/Walk. So took a Panorama Bus number 17 from Melaka Sentral. You’ll find this #17 bus in gate number 17 at the domestic side of the bus station. The fare was RM 1.50 and took about half an hour to Reach Jonker Street.

If it’s first time in this city then how you’ll know when to get off the bus?

Well, good for you and all of us, We have Google Map and Waze. These two are the great friend of a solo traveler in Malaysia and to add more, the bus driver will yelled at every bus stoppage saying the place name. So keep your ears sharp and clean to hear Jonker Street.

Jonker Walk (This is where your bus will drop you off) — Photo by Me

And you’ll see these two guys every time in the Church of St. Francis Xavier area, which is just the place where you’re bus will drop you off—

You can take photos with them only only for 10 RM/Photo

12.30 PM — 

The first thing I did was to head to the famous MOD’s Cafe for an espresso shot. I’m a coffee person, a day without a coffee is just not a normal day for me. Mod’s Cafe is one of the best roasted coffee seller and is considered one of the finer cafe in Malacca. This famous and cozy cafe is hidden in Jonker Street’s 14 Jalan Tokong (Don’t let the GPS fool you). I wonder around 20 mins to find this cafe.

Entrance of Mod’s Cafe

Their orange colour 1978 Volkswagen Combi Campervan (Left) & Various Beer cans from different years (Right)

Their Menu

The big ass Coffee Roasted Machine

My Espresso

An Espresso Shot

Damage — 8 MYR

P.S They only serve dessert and drinks, so don’t go their with an empty stomach. 

1.30 PM — 

So after visiting Mod’s Cafe, I started walking towards the famous A’Famosa Fort. It was a 12 mins walking distance away from Mod’s Cafe and the Google GPS took me there.

Malacca River

A’Famosa is more than just quick photo stop opportunity for tourists. Built in 1511, the settlement used to sprawl across a whole hillside but now only a lone gate (Porta de Santiago) remains. One of the oldest surviving European architectural remains in Asia; it is set beside the Istana ke Sultanan on Jalan Kota. There’s lot to see and learn from. The historical structure of A’Famosa fort, Portuguese History, Dutch History, British History and a lot.

A’Famosa Fort

While Climbing all the stairs up

 The Dutch graveyard you don’t want to miss

A vintage white Chevrolet

Malacca Independence Memorial House

On the opposite side of A’Famosa fort there’s a Pirate Adventure Park. I didn’t entered though. It was closed that time.

The Pirate Adventure Theme Park

A random old man just chilling and smoking in front of A’Famosa

2.30 PM — 

It’s time to eat now and my camera’s battery was almost near dead. So need a place to recharge it. And there’s no place better than McDonald’s to do it. So I quickly search on Google Map and started walking.

On my way to McDonald’s, I found Starbucks 🙄

Mom First and Dad Second

So I reached McD, ordered my Spicy Chicken McDeluxe Burger only for 11.50 MYR and recharged myself plus my camera’s battery plus my smartphone. 😉

After having food, my next destination was UPSIDE DOWN House. 7 min walking distance from McDonald’s. When I reached there it was already 3.15 pm and there was a huge queue of people outside of it. So I decided to pass and head towards Klebang’s famous Coconut Milkshake store.

Klebang Original Coconut Shake Store

It was 15 mins car ride from Jonker Street. So I took a Grab car and used GRABPAY promotion code to get 15 RM off.

The famous Coconut Shake

Damage — 

Two coconut shake — 3.50 x 2 = 7 MYR

Grab Car — 3 MYR (Original Was 18 MYR)

4.30 PM — 

From Coconut Shake store I directly went to Klebang’s Tanjung King Beach by Using another grab car only for 5 RM using Grabpay promo code. Honestly It was the worst beach I’ve even been and the 1/2 bad part of my tour. The whole beach was almost dead, almost no water. The sea was so far away. When I reached there, the first thing came out of my mouth was,

“What a waste of a 15 MYR promo code.”

Some photos I took from Klebang Beach

Damaged — 

A Bad experience

Grab Car — 5 MYR

Alternative Beach — 

If you’re a beach lover than I’ll suggest you to visit Pantai Puteri Beach instead of this Klebang Tanjung King. The next time I went Malacca, I actually visited this beach and the experience was far better.

Pantai Puteri Beach (Mobile Shots)

5.00 PM — 

So it’s already getting dusk and the real fun of Jonker Street will just begin in few hours. So I decided to head back. Book a Grab Car. At this time you’ll face a heavy traffic jam towards the city and for this the price of taxi will rise more higher. I actually paid 10 MYR to get back to Jonker Street from Klebang Beach. Without the promo code it would’ve been 25 MYR.

Jonker Walks at Evening

After reaching Jonker Walks/Streets — now it’s time to explore the main tourist attraction of Malacca City. The 700m long road will be full of lights and various kind of shops at night. No vehicle can enter the road at night. This is how it looks at night — 

Jonker Walk at night

So after walking till 9.30 PM it was time to had dinner. Got a nice small restaurant, where the lady owner agreed to recharge my all electronic devices. Had Nasi Goreng Seafood as Dinner, costed me 8.70 MYR.

10.30 PM — 

Now it was time to set sail on Malacca River using Malacca River Cruise. It’s a 45min cruise ride and will give you a D-tour of Malacca river. This tour is best at night. It will give you a mini taste of Italy’s Venice River.

Student Ticket for Melaka River Cruise

You’ve to buy ticket to get into the boat. You can get the updated ticket price from this link — 

Melaka River Cruise – http://www.melakarivercruise.my/ticket.php

As I was a student it cost me only 7.5 MYR. For a foreign Adult the price is now 18 MYR for Weekdays and 23 MYR for Weekends.

Update: The student price is now 10 MYR. You’ve to show valid Student ID Card and MY KAD.

Casa Del Rio Hotel

From the boat

After a 45 mins of wonderfulness, my solo backpack tour in Malacca basically stops here. But it’s just only 11.30 PM of night and my bus to Kuala Lumpur was at 5am in the morning. Yes you read it right. That was the very first bus of 28th June. So how I passed the rest 5.30 hours at night?

28 June, 2017

12.00 AM — 

There’s river side bar call Reggae On The river in the bank of Malacca river. Just 5 mins walking distance from Hard Rock Cafe Malacca situated at the opening of Jonker Street. 

The owners of this bar were friendly. I ordered their special Reggae on The River cocktail and a beer and stayed there until closing hour which was 2 am.

Reggae on the River Special Coctail

Damaged — 

Cocktail — 20 MYR

Beer — 8 MYR

2.00 AM — 

At this time, almost the whole city went quite. Not much lights on the road, not much car or any other vehicles and I need to spend more 3 hours in this city. The alcohol I had kicked in 1 hours ago and I was tipsy and sleepy as well. So the last place for me to find was a 24 hours restaurant as every single shop was closed by this time. So I called a grab and put the destination to McDonald’s. It was the last GRABPAY promo code and the fare was 10 MYR from Jonker Street.

After a while reached McDonald’s, ordered a Coca-cola and French Fry for 7 MYR and took a comfy seat. I actually slept there for a hour. 🤣🤣

4.00 AM — 

I took a grab car to Melaka Sentral, the whole road was dead and my car was the only vehicle in the road. Reached safely to the station and after half an hour my bus to KL arrived. Hope into the bus and I straight went to sleep. Reached TBS, Kuala Lumpur in the 7am morning. And that’s mark the end of this incredible solo trip and this blog.

After reaching home and a sound sleep, I open my notebook and start calculating how much I’ve spend in this tour. Here’s a quick summery of it — 

Total Cost of my Tour

My Personal Expenses


If you’re new in Malaysia, Installing GRAB application is a must in your smartphone (iPhone + Android). After installing GRAB, you’ll have a promo code for using it for the first time. I forget the name of that code.

After using it, link your International Credit/Debit card with GRAB Car app to use the GRABPAY Promo code. With this code you’ll get Free ride up to 15 MYR for the next 5 rides.

Beautiful Malacca River at night

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